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23 May
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Teo is a young lion/cat hybrid, who lives as one of three people in the same human body. While not 'multiple personalities' in the traditional sense, he isn't an imaginary friend, role playing character or 'fursona', either. He is a person, just a little different.

Sometimes described as an 'old soul', and definitely influenced by being a kitty, his age is a little difficult to pin down. While the human body is decidedly of age, Teo is just as certainly a child. People who know him have guessed his age relative to human children might be around 7 years old, though some of his insights may seem older, and his emotional development sometimes seems a little younger. His language skills shouldn't be held indicative of his age, as expressing himself in words has always been difficult for him, which may or may not have to do with being feline instead of human.

His interests are varied, but tend to revolve around creative things, cozy things or animal things. He likes to paint, which is something he can do without a whole lot of assistance using the body. Being a quadrupedal, hands-less cat inside a bipedal human body makes it a little difficult for him to do things all by himself sometimes, without working closely together with one of the other people in the body. He likes to help design and work on other crafts, and his particular affinity for gemstones and crystals makes him a natural for choosing jewelry materials. He likes snuggling with stuffed animals, and seems to be trying to collect white lion toys. Two of his favorite places to go are Disneyland and the Aquarium of the Pacific, where he likes to watch the fish, particularly the brightly colored ones. Whether he likes watching them because they spark his artistic creativity or because cats like watching fish is unclear.

Easily the most spiritual of the three, Teo is interested in auras, and has tended to see them around people, though only with 'inside vision', not with the body's eyes! He likes the different energies of different rocks and crystals, and likes to wear them and collect them. He isn't affiliated with any religion, but he does get curious about them, though he seems most comfortable with new age/pagan beliefs.

Teo is usually a very warm, giving, sensitive boy. Shy at first, he's very affectionate when he warms up to someone. After losing his family, though, he's still feeling very hurt, lonely and angry right now. He really wants some new friends, though he has a hard time getting along with other kids, maybe because he spends so much time sharing space and thoughts with two older people, or because of his old-soul thoughts, or child emotions. He'd like some adult, nurturing presences in his life, but is shy in trying to meet people, for fear they won't recognize him as a real person.

He can be contacted directly through AIM as TeoKitten.

[Bio written for him by a 'headmate', but all entries written by Teo.]