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we go onna trip manymany times driving but there was good things there. there was beaches an a quarium and we buyed many rocks. not manymany many like when we went to the hotplaces before but somerocks. there is worries bout how many moneys we used but we have the rocks an some jellysfish that isn't real theyre made of glass. we're sposed to make one to go the mommy but i like both an i dunno do i want any of them to go!

i don have pictures of the rocks an the glassjellysfish yet but i have pictures from the quarium an other pictures too yes. now we make them go here. manymany pictures lots.

frowny fish

hes a yellow fish an pink and more was brightcolors at the quarium. hes all frowny i dunno why i think his mouth is just frowny but prolly hes not mad.

scuttles fish

thats a scuttlesfish he eats a crab. they made the crabs fall in there for the scuttlesfish to have eating. they move veryvery fast so the picture isnt pretty but theres a starfish too.

hidey fish

look! there is a fish! all the fishes in the cage were very hidey they make looking just like the rocks! there was hideyfish inna nother cage too more light but not a picture of those. this fish so hidey sometimes we dont see him either.

purple things

there are many things in the waters there but mostly its just purple the water flowers an its so pretty i like it.


more jellysfish

orange jellysfish

white jellysfish

see many jellysfish! the pictures are good good. we have many pictures the jellysfish they look more good than the pictures we make at the quarium thats only tiny driving from here. but i would like these jellysfish at that quarium. but they are manymany drivings away. but i do like the quarium thats here too. the one many drivings from here doesn have many brightcolors fish. only one cage only! an theyre just as much fast as the ones at here an the pictures arent looking like the fish at all cause they move too much an pictures like them to be in one place. so not many brightcolors fish but more good jellysfish. maybe all should be at the same quarium instead.


its a very shiny fish but it had more colors on it but not in the picture really only you can see a little the yellow but not how much the colors was on the silver parts.

seas slug

bigbigbig seas slug. i like the seas slugs but they had much lying. there was pictures of the brightcolors kinds an there was signs with words of four kinds but the little little cage only had ONE kinds. only one an it wasnt a brightcolors kind. not this one it was in the big cage an there was no signs at all but the little one said it was having brighcolors kinds the kinds i like but i never seed at a quarium before only in pictures an i STILL didn see them in a quarium because they not were in the tank! not at all only the white ones.

i had a lot of mad but i see the bigbig one. moving much slow.

seas dragons

they call a dragon but i think its more just the water leafs. its so they can be hidey. maybe a little a dragon. if the dragon was leafs.

brightcolor flowers

flower not was at the quarium but it was pink like the brightcolors fish that dont be still for the pictures. mostly thispinks doesn be in pictures good but thispicture was good! it was a very little flowers.


this was a shells we couldnt have taking. veryvery pretty insides with lots colors and shiny but somuch breaky it would be breaky before it came home so we taked a picture instead. not somuch shiny in the pictures but i remember.


that just is waters inna pool but so pretty blues!

that is manymany pictures from the trips but not all the pictures we taked not at all. theyre most good though well mostly.

maybe then i can make a writing with the rocks too an pictures but we have to make the pictures first!
ohohoh it escxitning! How rpeyttty prity fishty! and i liake the dragon leave feish! And theblu pool and the rocks fishy nda the shel ont he sahnd and apink flower and th um jelyfisn lots nad lots! and the rpty colred fishy!

hahaah! hapey! THanskryou for prity picthrs teo! THanskyou hahah I leik them its excitin!

m happy you like the pictures! there was manymany fishes there but not all the fishes were good for pictures some them too dark.

it was exciting for being there an now i have sads cause we dont go there anymore nowtimes we be at the homes an doing works again an things samethings as alltimes not a trip anymore.

maybe therese things for having pictures of here too but i dunno. not as much pretty prolly.

i like the pictures muchmuch though. an the rocks. the rocks is good but we still need box for showing rocks at the homes.
We all loved them! memry just loved them so extra much she jumped in and wrote the reply *smiles*

I have tried taking photos of fishies in our fishpond and they never come out well at all! So you have done wonderfully with these fishies.

I think probably where you are is full of very pretty things to take pictures of, but because you are used to them, maybe not think they are so special to people who don't know them.

Weaver took a photo of a bushfire the other day, and she thought it was BORING coz we always have bushfires this time of year and they are Normal. But all our friends on livejournal who don't live where, thought it was amazing and big and scary.
That was funny! for us very normal, but for everyone else so amazing *smiles*

Maybe pictures of where you are is like that too?

And of course you feel sad now because the Happy Trip is over. But that is why it is such a happy thing to go on trips - because you don't do them all the time. That means they are Extra Special when you do get to do them. And you Extra Love them! (((hugs Teo)))

Sounds like you bought lots of beautiful rocks too. Wow, can't wait for those pictures. And the glass jellyfish. That sounds like fun!

Oops! That was me/Imoh, I forgot to sign :-P
i dont make the pictures just me mostly my person makes them cause the picturemaker is hard sometimes but sometimes you just make it look at the thing and push the shiny button an then theres a picture but sometimes theres other things for doing.

we go for walks this days an beforedays an i think maybe the flowers on the walks is pretty for pictures. we have somepictures of the flowers from longtimes ago when the flowers was new for us too but we don make pictures after that.

m still sad we don be on trips anymoretimes but maybe we go back to the rocks store an the zoos that isnt a zoos an the other zoos an the whole dryplaces there soon an that would be good. we make thinking bout it but theres not is a time for going yet.

we make pictures of the rocks soon but so much busybusy for days an days we didn do yet.