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we had whole day of noworks today but we didn do much teo things i dunno what i wanted doing but not what we did have doing. m sad a lot its gonna be teobirthday soon an we go to the mermaid ride but not right that day i haveta wait but the day after teobirthday we go. maybe i get a lady lion for bear but i dunno cause i ask before and didn get it. maybe bear and his speciallion will say happy birthday teo an we'll have snuggles cause i dont get much snuggles or times anymore except at the bedtimes. mostly cause i dunno what do i want for times thats what they say but always not knowing what i wanna do with times anymore. wanna do an arts but i dunno what kinds. nothing is much happy.
Heya Teo :D

I'm Daria from yumeza. We fixed our picture for you!

And you don't have to understand all the writing, just talk bout what you want and maybe show people your art. There's lots of people there who like art. And I can understand you just fine :D
oh! you make the picture say yes kitties just for teo! thankyou an now i can go there and we should make the more new pictures go in the computer for showing cause not all the pictures i have making is in the computer too some is only on the outside. m happy you have understanding i try to make understanding the writings only sometimes theres confused. but now i can go there an thank you!