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we had whole day of noworks today but we didn do much teo things i dunno what i wanted doing but not what we did have doing. m sad a lot its gonna be teobirthday soon an we go to the mermaid ride but not right that day i haveta wait but the day after teobirthday we go. maybe i get a lady lion for bear but i dunno cause i ask before and didn get it. maybe bear and his speciallion will say happy birthday teo an we'll have snuggles cause i dont get much snuggles or times anymore except at the bedtimes. mostly cause i dunno what do i want for times thats what they say but always not knowing what i wanna do with times anymore. wanna do an arts but i dunno what kinds. nothing is much happy.
Maybe your other insideypeople are like my Tiger and Black Panther. They are a tiger and a panther but also a girl too?

Our body is little too. My oustidey sister in London is even smaller and she gets mad too when people think she is a little girl, coz she is a Big Girl, inside as well as outside. But she likes to have fun like our Little Ones do, so she understands them. That is nice :-)

Some people think Indigo Elf and memry should grow up too but they don't. And our counsellor who helps us says it is good to have little people inside. And they help the Big People inside be happier coz little people know how to be happy really well. So I don't think you should grow up at all! Unless one day you want to, but you are great as you are :-)

My family is a long way away. I have never been to London either. But we get tv shows from there too. Sometimes they talk so funny I can't even understand what they say! That is really funny!
My family does fly lots. My mum is going to London and Italy in a few months. My brother in Italy's wife is having a baby soon! So mum is going to go there for that, and visit my sister in London afterwards. They are just very used to the things they do before they let you on the plane. But it is scary! Just used to it though.

Doing arts for work is fun. Verdigris likes it a lot. But the other people who decide what she has to do for art can be annoying. They take a looooooong time to say what she did is ok or not. And that makes her frustrated. But the art bit is a lot of fun.

What job does the other man inside do?

I know what you mean about everybody wanting to do their own thing but not having time. We are like that too! Everyone likes to do different things. But we are all happier if we make sure everyone gets their turn. If one of us is unhappy and sad, it makes us all feel a bit sad too. But if we are all happy, we all feel good!

Indigo Elf and memry said if they write a post for themselves, they can message you to tell you it is there, then easier for you to remember.

Definitely no one on my journal will be mad at you because you didn't go to school either! memry has lots of friends who didn't go to school too, and don't write very well either.
You are doing very well for someone who didn't go to school. And it is very nice of your Insideypeople to help you so you can have friends on your journal! They sound nice :-)

- Imoh
um maybe my person is like that hes not anything the same all the time. sometimes a kitty an sometimes a humanperson an sometimes big an sometimes little an we don know why but he says maybe even though he's inside with us he has people inside inside him but i dunno. i think mostly hes just changey. its okay to be changey. the otherkitty is always a kitty but hes a twolegs kitty an not a kitty from thisplace he comes from veryvery far aways.

i don think i will ever wanna be big. i like the person you talk with who says little people inside is good. mostly people don say that but they should say it more so not everybody is saying littlepeople should be big. an sometimes people think its bad for being a kitty but i dont know why cause they like outside kitties but why not a inside kitty?

probly it would be hard to make arts the way people ask for them there was one of the ponyshows was bout that an all the arts was silly. my person does works with all the books an we like books well i don have a lottta books i like but some books but not for liking the works cause the people is bad. i don like theres so many people there an not anything for teo to do an i don like he has mad at the people all the time. badworks.

its hard for having times an the otherkitty doesn ask for times much a lot but still theres not enough times a lot. but lots the worry bout times an that makes tired an when i have upset then they have upset too an samesame my person but the otherkitty mostly has his feelings just him. hes more good with not having feelings from us too but me an my person too much sharey feelings.

maybe if theres a writing m really sposed to see then you make a message so i remember more good yes. then theres less forgetting.

i don really do the writings much i say it like talking on the inside an they put the writings on the computers or sometimes the phone we can make phonewords too. then if they do it wrong i say no make it diffrent thats not teowriting. i can have reading some but only easy words mostly i hear it when the eyes are reading kinda my person is reading them cause hes always at least a little fronty even when teos fronty too so i know the words from him mostly. mostly they are nice but sometimes still not letting me do all things i wanna have doing but its always money or times.
Your person does sound like he changes a lot! Indigo Elf changes too, but maybe not so much as your person. And he has more people inside him? Wow! That sounds a bit confusing, but you are probably used to it all.
We kept finding more and more people in the past 5 yrs. Lots and lots. But not everyone is around all the time. Mostly only a few of us.

I/Imoh come from a place very far away too. But not from somewhere where cats have two legs. Must be a different place entirely from your other kitty.

I think you should be exactly what you want to be! Who thinks you ought to grow up? They are very silly. My counsellor said that Big People who don't have Little People inside get very unhappy because they forget how to play and have fun, so she has to teach them how to play all over again. That sounds like a lot of work. She said it is lots lots better to make sure you never forget how in the first place.
As for being a kitty, I don't understand either why you couldn't have a kitty inside when outside kitties are ok to have too! Some people are just silly!

So it is the other people in your work that makes your work bad? That is always hard, isn't it. Verdigris used to work in an Unhappy Place, but she got a new job where the people are lots nicer. Only the Big Management People are annoying. But they aren't round much.
What does your person do with books at work? We love books!

Worrying makes us tired too. You worry about work? You sound like things aren't very happy in your life :-(

Your person sounds like he is very helpful to you. Good thing, coz I don't know how to speak Kitty very well! I am glad he can help you type English and read my English back to you.

Oh hey! Like your baby kitty, we called our HattieCattie "little one" when she was a kitten, and she is now 11 yrs old and a Big Kitty, and she thinks "Little One" is her name as much as "Hattie Cattie" is!

And memry is already planning a post for you and her other friends, to show you some Pretty Things you might like. She will message you when it is done so you can know to read it.

- Imoh
lots of bad lastydays the works do bad things an now its more bad an i dunno. i dont like but i don get to have choosing but all the peoples is bad the workpeoples an the buying peoples. mostly the workpeoples now i cant have fixing.

not is mostly used to the changey now the changey before was diffrent but now is more like people maybe i still think just hes changey but now he says maybe people an now i have confused cause i don see other peoples i only see him an him being changey. so yes i know it before but now he makes confused. maybe its some of both things cause sometimes things is compllicated like that with lots of thihngs.

probly is coming from a difrent faraway place yes the otherkitty doesn know anybody at all from his homes here. there was a lady who made pretending for him but it was fake.

i dunno but there was people on the talkyplace where it was on the computers but not like this where theres waiting but when everybody is talking sametimes an it was a place for insidepeople an somepeople say teo should have grwoing up an somepeople don like teo cause hes not a humanperson. very much it is hurty an then i dunno who can i have talking to cause maybe nobody will like teo.

maybe i would like more writing but the worries an hurts is so much big inside cause the bads happen its hard for being fronty so i dunno also is lots of tired except we sleeped lots i dont like to have leaving bear when we wake up so sometimes we have more lseeping to stay with bear. so maybe more awakes an writings i wanted arts too but we tried an it didn work right so then we didn cause there wasnt times.
Hello Teo, so sorry your work has been bad! that sounds awful for you. Do you work in a bookshop?

It does sound complicated for you inside, with the other man changing all the time, but I guess so long as you are ok, yourself, it doesn't matter so much how he changes? Do you talk to him much? Or only a little bit.

What lady was pretending for the other kitty? She was faking it but said she was really like that? I am a bit confused.

Sounds like you were in a chatroom, talking to people on the computer all at once? We never spent much time in those coz all the people are asleep when we are awake much coz they are on the other side of the world. And it is kinda easier to have a bit of time to think to reply instead of having to think right then and there of what to say. So we like our journal.

There was one forum we went to, and it had places for little kids to play and then older kids. But the little kids were for kids under 5, which is memry, and no one older is allowed, and Indigo Elf is 7. And memry was so upset as she wanted to go and play with the kids her own age but she is very shy without Indigo Elf to go with her. So she cried and cried and cried!

Then we said to her that it was ok for her to play on our journal with her friends there who liked her and Indigo Elf and didn't tell them what they should and shouldn't do. Now she is lots happier!

I am sorry those people didn't understand you, Teo. It is just fine for you to be exactly who you are, both little, and a cat. Some people just think others should be something they are not just to make THEM (original people) feel more comfortable, rather than accepting people and getting to know them as they are.
But there are plenty of people out there who like you for who you are exactly as you are, you know. You just have to find them.

You found us! We like you just as you are. And you seem to like us just as we are *smiles* So that is good isn't it?

sometimes the writing helps us lots. That is why we write so much! Coz the hurty things are easier to bear with writing. But if it is hard for you to front when you are hurting, that would make it harder, for sure :-( I am glad you have bear to cuddle lots. Indigo Elf and Anne have our dolly, Lilly (even though Anne is a Big Person, she still likes to cuddle her dolly :-) And memry has Wood Elf Becky, who is a baby wood elf dolly. And we all have Osiris, who is a cat, and Katie has Icing, who is a doggy. So we all have lots of Special People to cuddle too :-)

I hope you get to try more art soon and it gets to go well. If you want to talk about art, I have some friends who have a little community. And they are all from different places than here, and live with lots of other people inside too.

One of them is a robot! He makes pies that are all these funny colours like bright green! But that taste like ordinary lime pies. He is a lot of fun. And he wouldn't mind at all that you are a cat! And neither would any of the others.
They talk about art lots and also have like chats with each other on sundays sometimes but we are always asleep here! They are in America though so maybe a better time for you.

always always we is talking inside well not all times sometimes we gotta be quiety cause therese things for doing in the outside but mostly when wanting we have talking. if hes changey its not bad but he feels bad bout it so then everybody feels bad cause feelings go all floating inside an then everybody has feeling. but teo is just teo not changey.

i don do works at the bookplace but yes is a stores for sellings an we go there for the works again this days an i dont wanna go nobody wants to have going its somuch bad.

everybody knowed the lady was pretending she was making pretending for being samesame kinda kitty as the otherkitty so they would make sexthings onna computer. but she wasnt samesame kinda kitty an she didn say she was for really but just for pretending.

i like when i can have tlaking with somebody right at sametimes but waiting times here is okay too. i think yes chattybox is right an somepeople there verynice an somepeople is not so much nice an say teo gotta make more good writing an have a bigger birthday every the year an not stay samesame an that was verymuch bad.

i like you samesame you are an i like you like teo an yes is verygood yes.

when teo has hurting teo be fronty sometimes but when my person has big hurtings makes it more hard for teo to have fronty cause all the feelings is in the ways. an theres lots of big hurtings but still sometimes teo has fronty so thats more good than beforetimes. we have manymany toyanimals for cuddling but only is snuggling some of them mostly. not most of them is belonging for teo just some an bear is most most best.

i dunno can i go the place you say cause there is picture meaning no kitties an some the writings i don understanding.
Oh I see, so your otherperson can change lots but feels bad if he does, then you all feel his bad feelings?

That would be hard. Why does he feel bad with his changeyness? Can you tell?

gah, I am so sorry your work isn't a nice place :-( It is very hard when that happens, isn't it?

And I understand better about the lady pretending about being a kitty now. Some people pretend all sorts of things so others will do sexthings on the computer. We had a friend that Anne thought was just a friend then he asked her for a picture of her with no clothes on! She said no coz we are engaged to a Very Nice Man and we only like him to see us with no clothes on, not people on the computer! Some people are really very odd! He was pretending to be her friend only.
Anne felt hurt!

Well, I am glad some of the people you talk to are nice even if some are silly and think you should grow bigger every birthday.

What is causing all the hurteyfeelings that hurt you so much, Teo? What are they about?
I am glad you get more fronting time with nice cuddles with your bear! Do you have a photo of bear? We would love to see him!

I spoke to the people who run Yumeza and they say cats are ok, and they are gonna maybe change the picture, but you can join. That is what the writing means that you couldn't understand - that anyone can join and it doesn't matter if you are a kitty or from a whole nother world or anything but you are allowed there anyway. I like it there! They are nice there.

I am glad you like us and we like you!

*scritches Teo under his chin till he purrs happily*
feeling badfeeling if theyre in the inside yes feelings is all leaky from me an my person. not so much the otherkitty his thinkings an feelings is mostly just him. i dunno why does he feel bad with being changey. maybe cause not always is a nice changey. sometimes a mad changey instead.

nobody ever asked the otherkitty for pictures. maybe cause hes a kitty too an they don wanna see the humanperson body. we would like for having pictures of us how we look for really not the humanbody but maybe not pictures of naked but teo doesn wear the clotehs so always it would be noclothes. but he does the sexthings with writing an its okay but sometimes i would more like we were doing something else.

we have worries bout the works an i have wanting to not go the works an wanting of famly an wanting of times an sads bout birthdays an wanting things i dunno what it is but theres wantings. lots of lonely an lots of wantings an not wanting to have waitings. an i have worries bout my person an the otherkitty cause my person has mads a lot an i dont like that an he has worries a lot an i don like that an the body has bads all the time an that makes it hard to have fronty an so always always there something is bads i think but i dont want it to be bads anymore.

not having pictures of bear but maybe we make one but its latetimes an we don make tonight they say but maybe we do a diffrent days.

okay maybe then i can be there too an other people like teo too? that would be nice.

*chuff chuff* not purr like littlekitty. making sounds bigkitty lion.
So you feel lots from your person but not the other kitty? Do you talk with the other kitty very much, or only your person?
Oh I see, if he gets a mad changey that wouldn't be so nice :-( We get that too sometimes. Or a hurtey-changey, remembering hurty things from when our body was a little girl body. Our daddy, outsidey person daddy, was hurty badly to us and sometimes we can't forget it :-(

We would all like pictures of how we really look inside too! Our userpics are the most like us of paintings we could find. I think Indigo Elf's userpic, of a girl picking flowers, and memry's of a mini tiger, are the most like them. Mine is not so much like me/Imoh, just the closest I could find.

Oh and Anne and Leonie, their userpic is like them! But you know I think of you like your userpic! A little white boy lion baby! Your userpic is very sweet :-)

Lol! our little ones think the sexthing is boring too! They would rather play with their dollies *smiles* I think the sexthing is a Big Person Mystery to them. Maybe it is for all little ones!

I see better, I think, about why there is so much hurty for you. You have lots of sad things and hurty things. You don't ever get to see your family you left? That must be very hard. And your body feels bad sometimes too? We get that. Our body isn't very well much. We only work 2 days a week coz of it. Is that the kind of thing you mean with your body? I really hope you have more happy things for feeling happy about soon. Then you can have less of the hurty feelings and more of the happy ones.

Well it is latetimes here too now! So I need to go to bed. But whenever you get a chance to take a picture of bear we would love to see him :-)

Oh oh, and I can see on Yumeza they changed the picture for you! How lovely is that! I hope you like being there. Maybe we can post something fun there. memry wants to post her rock game there for the people there to join in. What do you think? Sound like fun?

And oh! You are right, lions go chufchuf, not purr purr! I forgot that! Hey Teo, our HattieCattie came in from the garden this evening and her ears were cold! They felt very funny! I patted them till they got warm again for her. Must be very cold outside. Like your otherman explained, it is going into the cold times here. Near where my brother is in Canberra it was snowing not long ago. Imagine that! How cold that must be!

ok, goodnight! *scritches Teo behind his ear till he chuffchuff's happily*
otherkitty has talking but we don feel the feelings of him much lots. only sometimes but not a lot. i dunno why does he have madchangey but thats the bads sometimes. m sorry you don have forgetting sometimes i don forget the bads too an sometimes my person remembers bads but prolly not samebads but forgetting is hard sometimes an sometimes its toomuch easy.

i like my picture yes yes but prolly should have changey cause from longtimes ago when i think would be nice for having more blackfurs on but then i think not having pretendy and allwhite lions yes. still picture is having darks.

teo didn leave famly. famly didn want teo anymore. they made leaving an then sometimes did talking to teo later but it was too hurty cause they didn have wanting of me so we say no you don talk to us anymore ever youre bad. but still is hurty a lot. body is hurty much yes but we do go the works all the times anyways but its bad cause it makes more hurting but we did noworks for sometimes already before where we don go longtimes an the money comes in the mail cause the doctorpeople say so. but then we hadta go back to the works an now we go but still is hurty. I would like we only go the works twodays but alwaysalways is moneys. but i don like when the body is hurty it makes it hurty for being fronty.

i think rocks games on the place is good idea an maybe we know where the pictures goed but maybe is more hard to get them back. i dunno yet no. but i would do pictures again yes.

i think its silly its coldtimes when its warmtimes here cause time is funny an bendy a lot but i didn think the coldtimes an hottimes did the same bendy! the babykitty ears get coldcold too an he comes an wants laps for being warm he never has seen snows either not even fake ones like me.

*chuff chuff chuff*
Yes sometimes forgetting is hard,and sometimes way too easy, that is very true!
Now I am very confused about your picture because it is a white lion cub, not a dark one! And I thought you were white?

Oh I am sorry I didn't understand that your family left you. How horrible for you (((hugs Teo gently))) That must have hurt so much, no wonder you hurt so badly inside :-(
I can understand why you and your insideypeople don't talk to them anymore.

Does the hurty body thing have a proper name? If you don't want to tell me that is ok, I am just trying to understand what you mean when you say hurty body, like where it hurts and stuff. Our hurts have a name called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and it makes our head hurt a lot and our tummy. We get money coz the dr says so too, so we have enough to buy food and stuff so that is good. And our mum helps if we really need it. Our mum is great!

memry would like to do the rock game on Yumeza but she is a bit shy! Maybe if she does it and she knows you will post she will feel less shy. What do you think? If she posts you will put some favourite rock pictures up?

Yes, time is definitely bendy! and so are the seasons. In Darwin we live close to the tropics so we have only a tiny winter that isn't much cold. Except we complain and feel cold anyway coz we aren't used to it! But then further south they can get snow! Now that is definitely bendy!
Our HattieCattie has never seen snow either. I would love to watch her if she did, I wonder what she would do with it! It could be Very Funny!

*happy to hear Teo's chuff chuff*
teo is whitelion yes. there is onespots darks onna picture an it should be allwhites! but we fix maybe. oh oh an we find other pictures whitelions that maybe we make the ears better an have more teopictures. that would be good.

it hurts many bads even though longtimes since they have leaving now. a whole years an another whole years. two.

i dunno does the bodyhurts have a names. we go manymany doctorplaces an only some the hurts get names an mostly they say i dunno you should go other doctorplaces an then we do an they say i dunno an mostly i think doctorpeople not much helpy. the facehurts has a name its letters. but mostly they say dunno why the back hurts an the shoulder hurts an the hands hurty. only doctorpeople who is helpy is the ones who fix the ears.

i would make pictures there if there is a place for making pictures yes.

same is with snows here kinda theres never snows righthere but theres snows you can see from here its up verymuch high. i think babykitty would be scared of snows cause he has scared of many things new!

Oh I see what you mean by the dark spot, now.

Yup we were like that with our bodyhurts for a long time too, but then they started working it all out and then things are a bit better now. But still not very well, just better than we were. And we go see the dr lots and she does treatment and that helps better than it was. I hope your hurts get better, coz it is very yukky being hurty isn't it? :-(

you can see snow from where you are? Wow! We can't. I used to live in Canberra near my brother, and there were mountains to the south of the city, and in winter they got snow on them. I loved that! The Mountains were called the Brindabella Ranges. Isn't that such a pretty name! But oh the wind that came from them was veryvery cold!

Hatties ears were always cold there! But she loved it, she got all fluffy and her fur so thick, and it was funny coz here in Darwin her fur is thin so it is cool all the time.

Like your babykitty she doesn't like new things either very much, but she loved Canberra and the cold. We were really surprised coz usually she is a scaredycat :-)

Hey we made another rock post! here it is, go and look at the pretty pink rocks. These are the rocks Anne was trying to show you, but she didn't guess right for which one was YOUR pinky giggly rock, did she?


Did you do a journal post today? I looked but couldn't see one?

we haveta go to beds earlytimes lastyday an today so not many times for making writing i didn make a writing really til today an i look the rocks nextydays but i wanted for saying hi but theres not many times thats all.

only is seeing snows in the cold times now theres not snows there anymores.

i wish the body wasnt hurty it would make fronty more fun an then they wouldnt say we cant do that teo it makes too much hurting.
That's ok Teo :-) I just was hoping I hadn't missed it!

Yeah, I understand about wishing the body wasn't hurty. I feel a bit that way today. Our head hurts badly :-( Oh well... You are right! Not hurting would make fronting much more fun!
Heya Teo :D

I'm Daria from yumeza. We fixed our picture for you!

And you don't have to understand all the writing, just talk bout what you want and maybe show people your art. There's lots of people there who like art. And I can understand you just fine :D
oh! you make the picture say yes kitties just for teo! thankyou an now i can go there and we should make the more new pictures go in the computer for showing cause not all the pictures i have making is in the computer too some is only on the outside. m happy you have understanding i try to make understanding the writings only sometimes theres confused. but now i can go there an thank you!