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we go out today an go to the toys store. they had verysoft toyanimals but we didnt buy any of them at all. i like the panda an the lion but the lion isnt a white lion hes brown an thats not as nice as one that looks like teo but they don make hardly any that look like me. only bear an ladylion an puppylion an the babylion but we dont have the babylion an theres one more whitetoylion that we see on the computer for buying thats not bear but like bear but we don have that either. i think i would more like a blacklion or a pinklion than a brownlion cause mostly lions is brown in the outsideplaces an thats nice but not so many funs. but i dont think they make those either i never have seeing of them. the panda isnt a lion but its blacks an whites too an very very soft. they had other ones but they look veryvery sad. not the soft ones.

but we didnt spend any moneys cause alreayd many moneys for the car. an the pills. an the foods. but gonna have nicefoods i guess but still more i would like just the candy an the toyanimals.

manytimes its cold now not coldcold but enough cold for blankets an snuggles an i like blankets an snuggles but i don like being cold. the body is very tired in the dark an colds. i don like that either even though i like snuggles.

the otherman says he wants to color an play an be little but then he doesnt so i dunno i don think he has insidepeople but maybe hes changey i dunno that either. but always hes is having saying of wanting an then we dont. i dunno what i want to have playing anyways mostly i think i like makings better than playings but i dunno what i want mkaings of either its very hard to have thinking the body so so so so tired many many tireds. an the hand is so hurty today it hurts to pet the toyanimals. thats a lot of hurtings.

i liked we went an had candy an i like the clothes is done so we don have to only to clothes anymore but i don like i think that the special clothes day is over cause all the tireds mostly happened after. there were many mads an upsets before though an that was scary and bad i dunno which i don like more cause both means not enough times for me.
we make new picture for the writings an things lots like the oldpicture but little diffrent see?

this the old pictures

this the new pictures

see not having the darkspot cause i don have that not anymoretimes teo is all white cept the tail but you cant see the tails in the pictures. most best picture for looking like teo eyes is more blues an nose is more pinks but is more good for seeing in the big picture that we maked little for the writingsplaces.
we go onna trip manymany times driving but there was good things there. there was beaches an a quarium and we buyed many rocks. not manymany many like when we went to the hotplaces before but somerocks. there is worries bout how many moneys we used but we have the rocks an some jellysfish that isn't real theyre made of glass. we're sposed to make one to go the mommy but i like both an i dunno do i want any of them to go!

i don have pictures of the rocks an the glassjellysfish yet but i have pictures from the quarium an other pictures too yes. now we make them go here. manymany pictures lots.

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that is manymany pictures from the trips but not all the pictures we taked not at all. theyre most good though well mostly.

maybe then i can make a writing with the rocks too an pictures but we have to make the pictures first!
i have a picture! the otherman drawed it for me its a good good picture an now i have my person make it go here so everybody can have seeing.

see good good picture an it has a sucky an a pony an pointy ears like really i have not the roundy ears like lions whos all lions an not kitties too. theres not any colors but teo is white so its mostly rightcolors with nocolors.

an i got a present from memry an imoh an everybody but i dont have a picture of that but maybe we could make one but not right now. but it was veryvery good an we had to make a new string for it but now we can have wearing except not right now cause there's red on the skin from the sun it was a accident.

soontimes we go a trip we go long long drives inna car but not our car we go in mollys persons car an she does making the driving so we dont gotta an then we go see places i dont ever go to before an a new quarium even! my person says its gonna be more cold there some an more wet an i dunno what we do cept go the quarium but i wanna see that so i can see the fishes. new fishes not the same fishes we see at the quarium here but i like those fishes but new ones is exciting. we have to take bear though cause i don wanna go if we dont have bear an maybe the ladylion too cause they should have together but i dunno do we get to have both an i dont want to make deciding either. maybe theres rocks stores there too an that would be good but theres lots we dunno yet but its only just a day an a day an a day from right now. soon an soon theres all sorts things for doing but nowtimes m tired but i wanted to show the picture.
lastyday i had birthday times it wasnt really teobirthday that was beforedays but lastydays we go to the mermaid ride an that was new and special. and we get ice cream with chewybears in it theyre not real bears theyre candy but they werent the good ones they show the good ones an put yucky ones in that dont have tastes but the chewy was good.

an then we have dinners at a new place an we had turkey but its not thanksgivingdays an i dunno if they knowed that but they gived it to us anyways. an that was special. an then the most best thing i got a ladylion for family with bear!

but then i was sads a little cause bear not is so soft anymore but bear feels like loves but not same soft an shiny like lady lion. but now they can be together an bear is still good very good cause hes special but just not so much softs.

an i had a sads cause the days was done an it was a good days the most good in longlong times but it was over. an then today was bads at the works again an i wish alldays could be as much good as lastydays. with foods not at the right times an ladylions an mermaid rides an being special. i would like more good days.

i think its the most best birthdays i have ever. i didn have a lot of birthdays before but its the most best.
we had whole day of noworks today but we didn do much teo things i dunno what i wanted doing but not what we did have doing. m sad a lot its gonna be teobirthday soon an we go to the mermaid ride but not right that day i haveta wait but the day after teobirthday we go. maybe i get a lady lion for bear but i dunno cause i ask before and didn get it. maybe bear and his speciallion will say happy birthday teo an we'll have snuggles cause i dont get much snuggles or times anymore except at the bedtimes. mostly cause i dunno what do i want for times thats what they say but always not knowing what i wanna do with times anymore. wanna do an arts but i dunno what kinds. nothing is much happy.
we go on trips and come back and it's days an we go back to work even and i didn't make a writing. so now i make a writing.

it was driving and driving and driving for going there manymany hours. everything was all brown mostly the whole way and brown when we were there too. it wasn't a lot hot here but then when we went there it was LOTS hot more hot than anything ever except maybe cooking. it was a nice place though there were new things for seeing and new things for doing and everything was new cause i didn't go there before.

there was a place it's called a museum but it's mostly of animals like a zoo but they dont say its a zoo. theres rocks there too though its not just animals but mostly animals. some we didnt see cause it was so much hot they were hiding but some we take pictures of and lots of butterflies. then we go to the first rocks store it wasnt a very nice rocks store but there were doggies there an that was a surprise. we get little rocks there but not a lot. an then we go to a shopping place just for looking but we got a bigbig toydoggy cause it was not a lotta money specially cause its disney an the otherman makes it less moneys everything from there.

but nextyday was the best cause we look at the zoo for sometimes it was more hot again and flies go biting but it was a nice zoos but the most best part was the rocks store the real one and theres so many rocks for looking at there more rocks than anywhere ever before and littlelittle moneys for mostly. theres some bigbigbig rocks there lots and lots and lots of moneys but all the little ones we buyed not a lot of moneys so we buy a lot of rocks. but i wanted even more rocks but we have to wait till we go again but we're gonna go again just i dont know when and its prolly a lotta lotta waiting. maybe we go there in the cold times soon but prolly not till the next cold times cause this cold times we prolly go to another place. if we go up and up and up theres a big quarium and then more up theres gonna be a place where all the fuzzypeople go but only on a certain times. maybe we go there but i dunno maybe i would more like to go back to the rocks store. but theres newthings there too so i dunno.

then we come homes and i didn't wanna leave there but we had to come home i dunno why i think we should stay there except for the hots its nice. but its a longlong ways from disneyland so i dunno an veryvery hot. theres new games here now not really teogames but maybe sometime theres gonna be. talkings with some peoples an having pettings and we go to the quarium an all before we go back to the works.

but now we go back lastyday an today an i think thats enough times except if we go to places we need moneys but we should have other works instead anyways. i think too maybe not everybody is good for talking to alltimes. sometimes theres wanting for only some people not all the people in the namelists. cept people wanna talk to my person more anyways so not always everybody on the namelists is for talking for teo anyways.

an the rocks store more close here isnt very good now i know the best rocks store. also lots and lots of more moneys so we didnt buy anything this times. we coudl buy rocks on the computer but thats not as good as touching and listening and feeling rocks first. cause then you dont know is it for sure the right one for having.

maybe it would be nice for knowing more people who like rocks an like the rocksenergies sometimes its lonely i cant talk to anybody bout it anymoretimes.

babykitty has pushing on his blankie. sometimes i have doing but mostly on the insideplaces its not samesame with humanbody hands.
we go for trips soon. its good i think i can see places i didnt see before. they see them before but i dont. its gonna be a lot of driving i think i would more like to go inna airplane but thats more moneys even so we dont. i didnt go in a airplane before though and i wanna.

theres gonna be a rocks store a big one an i can have moneys for buying there and a animal place like a zoo but not a zoo so all is good for that but its still some days and when we go who do i have talking to what if we dont have the computers? mostly i dont get talking for days and days anyways an it makes it lots hard for waitings. i have lonely again an we dont even really do any teothings thats not talking. everything is all for having ready for trips.

otherkittys wakey more an thats good i think but it makes me feel funny cause then i have the wantings more cause he does a lot a big lot nowtimes and i dont wanna share but sometimes feelings is sharey in here anyways.
i make writing in two places now but it does it sametimes. i think. i dont understand but we make another place too so maybe finding new friends too. i dunno is it mostly diffrent at all. but it would be good for knowing more people too i guess so we maked it for writing. m still lonely a lot but at least we find a good good show for watching now.
we see a new shows onna tv but its not new but i didnt see it before. its for littlepeople and mostly we dont watch shows thats not for bigpeople. the man he talks right out the tv an says i like you just how you are but he doesnt say teo cause teo wasnt borned yet thats what they say but time is funny. but he says nice things only nice things. and he has fishes. we dont have fishes. i would like for having fishes. and i like the tiger hes like teo a lot. maybe its nice for finding this shows.