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okay maybe i wait till we go to the rocks store the big one. but that's a lotta waiting an i still don wanna be here mostly but not all but mostly. but i forgotted we go to the big rocks store. but i dunno does it make better. biteykitty. why we dont go now? nownownow. theres not anything i wanna have doing cept have friends an go the rocks store an not anybody for talking to an rocks store is waiting so still BAD. i think people say a lotta lies to teo. i dont like lies. have hatefeelings and hatefeelings is bad so teo is bad.

babykitty makes purs on teo a lot now teo has bads alltimes but lastynight he had biting too an that was bad. but before bitings i ask does you come here for teo babykitty or for them an he makes a big rub with his head so maybe he has knowing but most times i dunno does he have knowing.
i shoulda had goaway when famly leaved. nothing ever be good after that. wanna have goaway now. toomuch hurts.
badbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbad badbad kitty. lonely muchmuchmuchmuchmuchmuch but sobad nobody wants talking to ever. hurtshurts but I WANT ATTENTIONS but nobody is for loving anymoretimes. somuch badfeelings BAD FEELINGS ALL THE DAY. CONFUSED FUZZY AN HURTED. bitebitebite. babykitty comes an purrs but not SAMEKIND loves. body is BAD. BAD. always hurty an never looks like teo or move like teo or anything at all ever. somuch lonely nobody ever gonna have loving teo badkitty.
sometimes always its feeling like everybody just says wait teo wait more. wait for times to do things waiting for times for talking to people waiting for people to be there for talking to an waiting for when we go to the big rocks store. thats a lotta waiting and i dont like waiting.

we had times with noworks an there was sposed to be more times for teo but everything so fuzzy from newpills its hard for being fronty. nobody has good thinkings. or good walkings. or holdings. and in the nights theres bad dreamings. they dont belong to teo but its loud an i see them anyways and then i feel bad too.

mostly i want new kinds family but sometimes i want a specialperson for loves an tingly things but thats scary too so i dunno. but i have the feelings but nobody wants to have knowing or talking. an i dunno where do i find anybody sometimes and maybe all famly goes away an hurts so maybe specialperson does too.

i would like pictures of me more than just the one littlepicture cause sometimes i think nobody has knowing what does teo look like. we look at people who make drawing but theres not ever any moneys just like theres not moneys for other things when i have wanting. i think we should get bear a specialperson too only it would be a lion and a white one a toy but a girl not a boy like bear. but thats moneys too and they say wait teo you just have bear just now an if you have too much lions theres not enough arms for holding anymore. i dont think that would be a bad problem maybe they say cause theres not moneys.

maybe we go to the disneyplace again tomorrow an see the dancing i like that too mostly cause theres colors an it makes good feelings of energies but i dont wanna just do that its not JUST for teo and i would do something just for me but i dunno what so if i dunno then prolly i dont get to have doing anything special. i dont like i have to know and ask but i dont like when i dont have knowing what to do either. its hard to have knowing when theres bad feelings.
i name my new toylion bear i know hes a lion but i name him bear. they think its funny but i think its his name. i dunno do i make a new names for puppylion cause i don be with puppy anymoretimes. not anymore loves for teo. so i don want the lion to be sad. but i dunno a name mostly i dont need names but now theres TWO whitetoylions an sometimes you gotta know the difference.

we go to disneyplace an see the dancing people an the colors but not the watershows it has sad in it and we losed the hat so no more sads for the day. still we dont have the hat for the head again.

i meeted some people an say hi maybe i have more friends again still a lot i have sads. bear is good for hugging but not the same as having pettings i miss pettings so much a lot.

sometimes i dunno what to have talking about though but i didnt used t have to think about it there was just talking. thats how it was with famly but thats solong times ago.
we make a new writing about me for the journalplace an then i see all oldfamly not being friends with teo anymore. i didnt say it was okay even though we dont really be friends anymore anyways cause all oldfamily bad. but it makes hurting anyways that they don wanna see teo at all even writings ever. Nobody listens to teo hurts. nobody makes happy with Teo either anymore. an nobody says nini all nights.

it wasn't okay to not have friends anymore cause now i have knowing nobody wants teo anymore at all at all. why teo is so bad? i miss having a daddy so much big i have crying and crying an crying in the night the days ago.

why everybody goes away from teo? an other people dont have talking to teo for beginning. lonely lonely badkitty. BIG lonely an hurting.

i have a new white toylion an it feels good for holding but not samegood as having loves for really. not samegood at ALL.

sometimes teo wants to go away but sometimes i wanna just have newfamily. but there's not newfamily. so goaway feelings happening.
i don get enough times a lot but sometimes i have times an i dunno what to have doing an even though it's longtimes since famly did goaway i still have hurts it didn get better with times. m tired an i don't know any friends much anymore
nobody says i love you teo anymore. or nini. a mommy would say i lov eyou nini. but i dont have a mommy an i dont have anybody else for loves either. mostly i dont have fun anymore theres so much sads inside me. m lonely an i want a specialperson.
always mon day is bad days is the days when i see oldbadfamly saying things places an i don wanna see them ever saying happy things for other people. prolly i should say bye but i dunno how for saying bye cause theyre never gonna say bye nobody ever says bye before they leave teo. teo says hi an nobody says hi back all everywhere. verybad people. mostly maybe i have knowing only verybad people. maybe cause teo verybad kitty only knowing verybad people. make promises for nohurts only to badpeople so maybe not having the promises anymore.
everybody says hurts gets better after times but it doesn get better. hurts gets worse cause of remembering an lonely. lonely gets bigger alltimes. more an more an more till lonely is allthings. lonely is too big for teo. hurts is too big for teo. nobody wants teo anymoretimes. famly all goes away longtimes ago but sometimes its feeling of nowtimes not longtimes. soemtimes teo forgets when it is. hurts jus gets bigger an bigger not better an morepeople stop saying hi to teo an nobody says goodnight teo not ever. nobody says hi teo ever. somuch lonely it makes hurts sobig. noloves for teo an maybe theres not ever. nobody ever says sorry for going away. not famly or anybody else either.