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we go out today an go to the toys store. they had verysoft toyanimals but we didnt buy any of them at all. i like the panda an the lion but the lion isnt a white lion hes brown an thats not as nice as one that looks like teo but they don make hardly any that look like me. only bear an ladylion an puppylion an the babylion but we dont have the babylion an theres one more whitetoylion that we see on the computer for buying thats not bear but like bear but we don have that either. i think i would more like a blacklion or a pinklion than a brownlion cause mostly lions is brown in the outsideplaces an thats nice but not so many funs. but i dont think they make those either i never have seeing of them. the panda isnt a lion but its blacks an whites too an very very soft. they had other ones but they look veryvery sad. not the soft ones.

but we didnt spend any moneys cause alreayd many moneys for the car. an the pills. an the foods. but gonna have nicefoods i guess but still more i would like just the candy an the toyanimals.

manytimes its cold now not coldcold but enough cold for blankets an snuggles an i like blankets an snuggles but i don like being cold. the body is very tired in the dark an colds. i don like that either even though i like snuggles.

the otherman says he wants to color an play an be little but then he doesnt so i dunno i don think he has insidepeople but maybe hes changey i dunno that either. but always hes is having saying of wanting an then we dont. i dunno what i want to have playing anyways mostly i think i like makings better than playings but i dunno what i want mkaings of either its very hard to have thinking the body so so so so tired many many tireds. an the hand is so hurty today it hurts to pet the toyanimals. thats a lot of hurtings.

i liked we went an had candy an i like the clothes is done so we don have to only to clothes anymore but i don like i think that the special clothes day is over cause all the tireds mostly happened after. there were many mads an upsets before though an that was scary and bad i dunno which i don like more cause both means not enough times for me.
helos! We msied you ad its nise to eseee you! Helos.
ad I think cnady lolies are good to et to and nice liosn and pandsa to be soft and patings!

ist verys hot here, no sngiling udner blanskets. We lie udner ariconditnter! its cold and ncie then