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i have a picture! the otherman drawed it for me its a good good picture an now i have my person make it go here so everybody can have seeing.

see good good picture an it has a sucky an a pony an pointy ears like really i have not the roundy ears like lions whos all lions an not kitties too. theres not any colors but teo is white so its mostly rightcolors with nocolors.

an i got a present from memry an imoh an everybody but i dont have a picture of that but maybe we could make one but not right now. but it was veryvery good an we had to make a new string for it but now we can have wearing except not right now cause there's red on the skin from the sun it was a accident.

soontimes we go a trip we go long long drives inna car but not our car we go in mollys persons car an she does making the driving so we dont gotta an then we go see places i dont ever go to before an a new quarium even! my person says its gonna be more cold there some an more wet an i dunno what we do cept go the quarium but i wanna see that so i can see the fishes. new fishes not the same fishes we see at the quarium here but i like those fishes but new ones is exciting. we have to take bear though cause i don wanna go if we dont have bear an maybe the ladylion too cause they should have together but i dunno do we get to have both an i dont want to make deciding either. maybe theres rocks stores there too an that would be good but theres lots we dunno yet but its only just a day an a day an a day from right now. soon an soon theres all sorts things for doing but nowtimes m tired but i wanted to show the picture.
oho helo eteo yoru priety I liek yrou ears yesyes and yrour tail! and I like fishsi too! hapyahpay!

ansandand preseitn is nice yesyse hapy your hapy!

verynice you liking teoears thank you! m gonna have wearing the presents when we go onna trip an see the fishes! its good to have presents then too not just at the works but its verygood at the works too yes.
Hello Teo! That is a very nice picture of you! You are very sweet and I want to pick you up and cuddle you and tickle you behind your ears till you purr and purr!

We would love to see a picture when you can, or you wearing your present from us!

Oh no! You got all sunburnt? Yukky! That is a drawback of your physical body being human, isn't it? Lions have lots of fur to stop the sun burning them.

Your driving trip sounds exciting! An aquarium oh wow! New fishies! Wow! *happy*

I hope you have lots of fun that day! Must be tomorrow you go?

- Imoh
ohohoh, not purr, tickle you behind your ears till you go *chuffchuffchuff*

nowtimes is tomorrow we have going! an we bring both lions yesyes. we ask can we fit all the lions an they say yes. so not having to make deciding.

i would like cuddles an tickles yes yes an make chuffchuff sounds cause cuddles is good always an i don have enough cuddles ever.

i dunno do we make a picture of the body with the presents cause i don like it doesnt look like teo at all. its all a humanperson body not a kitty body an thats all funny but maybe we could make a drawings but we don do drawings a lot but we can make a picture the present for showing.

yesyes sometimes the skins gets redburned. muchsuns an then its owwy because we forget the suns is hurty. furs makes the sun not go on the skins but we don have furs except on the head but its not really fur its hair thats diffrent kinda. they say prolly teo would have hots if i had teobody on the outside cause teofur is kitty fur not lions fur an lions live in hots but not kitties with softfurs. but then not is having burny so prolly that would be okay.

i think will have funs yes but theres also worries for being ready so is confusing right nowtimes