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lastyday i had birthday times it wasnt really teobirthday that was beforedays but lastydays we go to the mermaid ride an that was new and special. and we get ice cream with chewybears in it theyre not real bears theyre candy but they werent the good ones they show the good ones an put yucky ones in that dont have tastes but the chewy was good.

an then we have dinners at a new place an we had turkey but its not thanksgivingdays an i dunno if they knowed that but they gived it to us anyways. an that was special. an then the most best thing i got a ladylion for family with bear!

but then i was sads a little cause bear not is so soft anymore but bear feels like loves but not same soft an shiny like lady lion. but now they can be together an bear is still good very good cause hes special but just not so much softs.

an i had a sads cause the days was done an it was a good days the most good in longlong times but it was over. an then today was bads at the works again an i wish alldays could be as much good as lastydays. with foods not at the right times an ladylions an mermaid rides an being special. i would like more good days.

i think its the most best birthdays i have ever. i didn have a lot of birthdays before but its the most best.
Yes, it was Sneaky of him! And Mean. And definitely wrong. I wouldn't buy chewybears again from him either.

Oh ok! So you had a sneak preview about the mermaid ride. WOW! How lucky you are! Ok, well I won't ask anymore then and will wait as patiently as I can until you are allowed to tell me all about it :-)

Sounds like lady lion is settling in very nicely. I am glad :-) And I am glad for you and bear that she is so loveable too. And maybe she won't be so soft later, but because it is from so much love, that is just alright *smiles*

I am imagining their chuffchuffs, and hearing yours! *scritches some more*