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we go for trips soon. its good i think i can see places i didnt see before. they see them before but i dont. its gonna be a lot of driving i think i would more like to go inna airplane but thats more moneys even so we dont. i didnt go in a airplane before though and i wanna.

theres gonna be a rocks store a big one an i can have moneys for buying there and a animal place like a zoo but not a zoo so all is good for that but its still some days and when we go who do i have talking to what if we dont have the computers? mostly i dont get talking for days and days anyways an it makes it lots hard for waitings. i have lonely again an we dont even really do any teothings thats not talking. everything is all for having ready for trips.

otherkittys wakey more an thats good i think but it makes me feel funny cause then i have the wantings more cause he does a lot a big lot nowtimes and i dont wanna share but sometimes feelings is sharey in here anyways.
heloehelo firendteo!Helo! itsme memry! yesitis! imsised you coz we wereplaying and your disn't come to the compruet to join isn! my firned jo aksed you question did you se? meto! aks hwo iamgninry mosie stasteds.

you gona go way? how fun! in acar?
ehy I tiping beter hey! read it betar.

we gona way to! on tha train buts alnglong time way til then. novesmer. lone time.

you gona goto rosck soter? youlike rock's yaya;! we livke rocks to. oru favareti rocsktores loandg wayway too. in KAfrine. we gotua mudbuble when wewer ther before!

you gota tel thebig people to l;et you play more wwith us ok? big gilsr let me tipe post evry thereee days so they nogt get to tiresd as I make themtired fromplaying alithe time!

um um ipsote nesxtime tomroew oka/? comes and playwitc me and jo adn larana andabele and sam tyleri if big paeolpe goana let you
oke? lovemrmy! bybye